Springy Steps Springy Steps

Have you started to think about spring fashions?  I'm getting an idea of what I want to purchase for spring and what I'll incorporat...

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4:25 AM

Wednesday Wants Wednesday Wants

"She wears an Egyptian ring that sparkles before she speaks"                                                                   ...

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3:29 AM

Obsession Du Jour: LoveObsessed Obsession Du Jour: LoveObsessed

Looking to add a small touch of neon glam to my outfits, I recently fell head over heals for some of Tom Binns pieces .  However, the out-of...

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3:27 AM

A Simple Affair A Simple Affair

Carly of A Simple Affair , has a fun series, Style A-Z .   My assigned letter was Y, which was tricky at first, yup, but then I was like, y...

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4:23 PM

Endless Shades Of Gray Endless Shades Of Gray

Around town here (and on twitter) there's a lot of chatter about Fifty Shades Of Grey. ..having not read this book ( yet ) all I can thi...

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3:41 AM

Monday's P.O.P. Monday's P.O.P.

purple pleasantries Image via: DesireToInspire

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3:24 AM

Sponsor Spotlight: Quality Bath Sponsor Spotlight: Quality Bath

  Arteriors pendant light I feel so fortunate to have such amazing sponsors here.  One of my newest, Quality Bath , has me constantly distra...

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4:31 AM

Random Chanel Item No. 113 Random Chanel Item No. 113

Around here we had at least two week's worth of extra activities and obligations crammed into this short week.  Which is why this Friday...

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4:46 AM

In Defense Of White Walls In Defense Of White Walls

My first apartment had all white walls. As did my second.  Like most rentals, paint colors came at a fee and wallpaper was pretty much disco...

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3:38 AM

Closet Swoon Closet Swoon

What is it with me and closets? Peeking into stylish closets has become a weird obsession of mine. I keep meaning to get my own closet into ...

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4:57 AM

Wednesday Wants Wednesday Wants

It's gold, spikey and stretchie... in other words, the perfect little " pick me up and hold me 'til spring " piece! And, a...

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3:28 AM

Lily Bunn Interiors Lily Bunn Interiors

Am I the last person to know about Lily Bunn Interiors ?  Yesterday, while procrastinating a number of mundane chores by catching up with my...

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4:17 AM

Decorating Your House With Joy Decorating Your House With Joy

Decorating your house with Joy is always such a great idea...both the emotion and of course the fabulous interior design work of Joy Triboul...

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6:28 AM

Monday's Pop Monday's Pop

panoramic purple Image via: the decorista

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6:26 AM

A Few Things... A Few Things...

 {colored pencils + brass = rad} These are finally back in stock! No doubt, they won't stick around for long! Get yours here !  And , t...

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5:20 AM

Random Chanel Item No. 112 Random Chanel Item No. 112

My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.  And, by future...I mean three day weekend! YES! Goodbye alarm clock, hullo down time...wis...

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5:01 AM

Southern Wannabe Southern Wannabe

Maybe because it's cold and dreary here in New York...or maybe it's just something about those genteel manners and traditions, a fon...

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4:55 AM