Like many, each new year finds me trying to get perfectly organized.  Which is why I love to see a beautiful closet "before and after".  Truth be told, when a closet looks this great, it fills me with both envy and... what is the opposite of envy? admiration? goodwill? I'm not sure.  I just know that one part of me hates the fact that my own closet will probably never look this good...but another part of me just loves to see a fab closet like this one (spotted over at the L.A. Times blog).  I obsess over each image in an effort to see what organizational tips I can apply to my own life and wardrobe.  It's the latter that keeps me coming back for more.  That, and the fact that I'm a hopeless fashion voyeur!

Images via: LA Times blog
closet design by: L.A. Closet Design


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