our neck of the woods
A recent bout of insomnia had me looking to my i-Phone for a bit of mindless activity in a futile effort to fall back asleep.  Like most cool and techie driven things, I'm admittedly late to the Instagram party here.  But, late or not, I'm now fully addicted and somewhat obsessed with my new handy app, pulling it out at any given moment and then putting all the fun little filters to full use.  I adore the image I took in my back yard (above) almost as much as I love using the "Nashville" feature, which gives all my photos that funky seventies Polaroid vibe.  I would love to know if you too are using this great little app, and what other highly addictive ones am I still missing?
from my garden
our hydrangeas
my rural 'hood
real deal honeysuckle pink


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