This summer, I worked on improving the store.  In addition to finding a lot of great new items (which will be loaded on to the site soon) I also had a "look book" shot, as a way of allowing customers to visualize how pieces work together, see the scale and also as a source of inspiration.  I'm really thrilled with the photos (taken by Jacob Kriese) and styled by "The Decorista"Ashlina Kaposta...not to mention the fun we had the day these were shot.  Ashlina is not only talented, but a true joy to work with, she really "gets it".  Some of these photos have been featured on other blogs, which I'm more than thrilled about.  I'll be sure to let you know when it goes live.  Hope you like them!

I've had so much support from the blog world, it's truly amazing!  Thanks so much to these ladies who have given zhush such great buzz lately!  I really appreciate it!


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