Hey, I've started a new series! Every Friday I'll be sharing what I've been picking, pinning and pining for all week...

1. I've always loved vintage travel posters and this one really caught my eye.  2. Since my personal fashion style leans more towards classics, I like to think pieces like this help me look a tad bit edgier. 3. This shagreen box is a stunner, 'nuf said.  4. Camouflage, I'm such fan of this dynamic print which is really due for a major fashion moment again and these flats are calling my name.  5. Ever since my white toy watch went ca put a few weeks ago, I've been eyeing this one.  6.Last week found me wandering into Space NK, when I walked out I smelled heavenly!  7. Finally, this vintage dress sign kills me, I'm trying to work up the nerve to buy it, ship it and hang it in our white walled living room in Florida. Thoughts?


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