Did you watch Million Dollar Decorators?  Say what you will about the personalities on this show...(and according to my twitter feed that night, there was a lot to be said) I need to believe the creatives at Bravo demand big drama from their casts, and the over the top attitudes were purely tongue and cheek for entertainment and ratings.  So...that's what I'm going to believe.  This way, when I tune in again tomorrow, I can focus on the interiors! Officially obsessed with Jeffrey Allan Marks' home (except for the row boat on the ceiling).  His wall of fish in the kitchen, really caught my eye.  At first, I thought it might be a mural, but then I remembered this amazing image of a room designed by Sara Story.  Once I figured out it was wallpaper, I was able to track it down to de Gournay! Now I can't stop thinking about fun ways to use it; ceilings and framed panels are at the top of my list.
Images via: ElleDecor;SaraStory; de Gournay


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