It's a "pinch me" moment for sure.  Not only seeing my home, but also my children and (gulp) myself, in the current issue of HGTV magazine! Getting all the sweet emails, tweets and texts from people we know across the country as they spot us has been a blast. However, the best part of the whole experience was opening my front door this past winter and greeting not only the amazing staff from HGTV magazine, but also Annie Schlecter, the photographer who took these images (whose work I adore, even blogged about here!) Annie is the epitome of talent meets cool. And, the stylist, Lili Diallo, of Domino fame! My kids and I basically fell in love with Lili and her beautiful French accent during the shoot (which lasted two whole fun days!) Weeks later, Lauren Muse, and I couldn't stop talking about how wonderful everyone was. I will cherish these photos of my family forever. Thank you HGTV Magazine for sending the dream team, and especially Home Editor, Jennifer Berno. Jennifer wrote the piece, which is full of great design tips, check it all out here!


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