I love to follow trends. Some I embrace, while others I admire from afar. The fun part for me is really in retrospect. Looking back years later and seeing what we identify as part of the common zeitgiest of that era. Like when you watch a movie and see something so "nineties" or come across an old photo and think this seems so "eighties". I'm already wondering what will be that one thing that will always remind me of 2011?  So, as I peruse several catalogs, blogs and online shops, view t.v. commercials, receive party invites and attend functions, it becomes quite evident.  I'm starting to see it.  The "one thing" that I know will represent the Holidays of 2011 for me when looking back years from now: Glitter! It's literally everywhere. Clothes, cards, cupcakes, makeup, shoes, ornaments, ads...and then Pink's "Blowing Glitter In The Air" comes over Pandora, and this just seals it for me! I love this song and this whole glittery season.  What trends do you think will always remind you of 2011?
Have you ever thrown a fistful of glitter in the air?
Images via: Pintereset and BrooklynBride


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