I was excited to receive several fabulous decor books for review recently, the first of which is Hers, by Jaqueline deMontravel.  I knew right away that I was going to love this book just from perusing all the inspiring photos. The image above is my favorite, because it clearly illustrates how adding just a few feminine touches to a space (like your bedside table) can make a room feel more inviting and glamorous.  The author's goal, to help readers incorporate their own personal touches throughout their home and get in touch with their own "unabashedly feminine style" is laid out in beautiful detail.  Lest you think this book is all "chintz and frills", I can assure you it's not. Also included are several modern approaches and stylish twists on feminine decor.  Chock full of innovative  ideas on decorating, entertaining and collecting, I highly recommend Hers.


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