I just mailed out the last batch of our family Holiday cards!  Now that this chore is finally behind me, I get to enjoy the fun part...receiving and displaying all the charming greetings we receive.  Each year I surround our fireplace mantel in the living room with the photos and cards from all our friends and family.  A few years ago, I was inspired by Martha Stewart (naturally) to flank both sides of the mantle with grossgrain ribbons and pin the cards to them, creating two long garlands on either side of the fireplace.  While this method seems to suit us just fine, I'm always curious about all the other fun and creative ways people display their Holiday cards.  What's your favorite way to do this?
P.S. I was hoping to actually have a photo of our mantle included in here as well, but my camera had other ideas...do you here that Santa? My camera wasn't cooperating!  Anyway, for another really great card display option, check out Sissy's cork board wreath over at Blue Hydrangea...(love it!)


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