Whoa, can you even believe that it's MAY!?  As in Memorial Day weekend-will-be-here-before-we even-know-it?! In an effort to motivate myself to get into warm weather mode,  I've asked the uber stylish Lauren, fashion editor, stylist and blogger at where Where The Style Things Are back today to give us her insider skinny on summer fashion essentials. I hope you love her picks as much as I do!

Hi Zhush-ers! I'm so happy to be back guest posting on The Zhush, and sharing my three obsessions just in time for summer.  I have lupus, so I'm photo-sensitive and MUST stay out of the sun. I love this beach towel as a little wink to my addiction to high-powered sunscreens.  Theirry Lasry is a lesser-known eyewear company, but I believe that everyone should get to know him - he's so French and fantastic with his "futuristic vintage" styles. I can just see myself lounging around in these chic sunnies - it would change my whole beach attitude! Mojitos, dahling? Finally, these crushable hats are my #1 summer essential- you literally can ball them up and shove them in a bag and they'll unfold good as new when you take them out. They come in tons of colors and have UPF 50 built into them, and at $30 you can buy several! I take one with me when I'm walking around the city or at the beach.

find your essentials for summer here:


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