After being away at Blogfest for the last three days, the plan for me today was to get back to work and deal with my looming overflowing inbox.  Halfway through my to do list, I decided to unpack  from the past few days, which led to discovering my scribbled "must check out Jill Goldberg and Hudson Interiors" note to self.  A procrastinator at heart, that's exactly what I did next. "Jill Goldberg and her team bring a youthful exuberance along with a fresh take on interiors to every project", this is from Hudson's site .  I can tell you first hand that Jill brought this same energy to Hearst Tower, when she came and spoke on the House Beautiful panel on Tuesday.  With many of these exact images floating behind her as she spoke, it's no wonder I wrote this urgent note to self.


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