As I continue to look for inspiration for my younger daughter's room makeover, I can really appreciate fabulous "before and afters" like this one from Jennifer Agus Interiors. As Jennifer explains, "When I began this project, we were faced with the issue of combining two sisters into one room. Initially, there was only one girl in this room with a lot of heavy & dark built-in furniture. The challenge was providing more space for both girls to accomplish their school work as well as storage for all of their toys." Agus used lacquer furniture, which is really durable for children, and softened the room with fun upholstery for the headboards and roman shades. She covered the ceiling with a lilac color that made the room look lighter and taller. With a dedicated color scheme and adjustments to the sizing and spacing of new bedroom furniture, Agus was able to pull together a design that offered the most space for both of them while introducing a bright red, chocolate, hot pink and white color way – not your average color combination. The bottom image gives you a sense of the "before"... I can never lead with the "befores"...(should probably call them afters and befores).


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