Having penned this blog for over two years now, friends will often ask my opinion on design concepts for their own homes (which I love!).  Since my friends are some of the best dressed people I know, I try to get them to relate their living spaces to their wardrobes, often recommending color palettes they would wear in an outfit.  Lately, I've been drawn to bright lemon and lime colors in clothing. So...when I hit upon this charming feature in Style At Home, I immediately fell for the color combos here.  All these citrus pops work so well with the neutral background.  For me, this helps to illustrate what I already suspected...all the brights I've been craving in my wardrobe will work just fine as long as I pair them up with some neutrals.  Some might prefer brights with brights, but for me in order to be comfortable, I need more of a balance of colors in both decor and fashion.


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