How fabulous is this closet?  Its from the May issue of House Beautiful, I literally can not put this one down!  The feature is of Annie Brahler's home, owner of Euro Trash, a new-to-me store, that I'm now a bit obsessed with. To be honest, this home didn't jump out at me during my first flip through the mag...but after I went back a few times, it grew on me and now I'm quite taken with it.  I'm hoping this same spark will apply to my closet, where I'm no doubt standing in a sea of discarded clothes in a last minute effort to look presentable for Blogfest (it starts this afternon with two showhouse tours ends hours later with a cocktail party...I mean, what would YOU wear?)  I really hope something in my closet suddenly appeals me to after not seeing the merits of it before.  This is often the case, as I usually need to process things for a while.  No doubt, I'll be mentally processing this week's Blogfest activities for weeks to come...


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